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We are in the service and people business; our strengths and values that we create come from the talented people that we hire and develop for their growth. We cultivate respect and transparency to achieve the trust between teammates. In EPS, we believe in work-life balance and allocating play time for yourself regardless of age and status. By working for us, you will be joining an award winning and quality accredited company.

Below are some of the reasons why we get out of bed every morning…


We treat all of our employees with the same dignity and respect regardless of their ethnic origins, gender, age and nationality. In EPS Thailand, we are blessed with diversity and we take advantage to make it a wonderful place to learn of different cultures.


Everyone in EPS Thailand is given a fair opportunity to prove themselves. We develop and reward people who has the passion to make significant contribution to the continued growth of the company. Countless opportunities to grow personally and professionally are extended to the employees at all times.


Be recognized and rewarded for all the hard work you put in and at the same time grow your career with us. Our employees at EPS Thailand receive appreciation on quarterly basis based on their performance and also enjoy competitive pay and excellent commission scheme.


We have a great team and healthy working environment. The culture of lending a hand and guiding colleagues who needs assistance along the way makes EPS Thailand a fun and easy going place to work in. Our people are always encouraged to think and act objectively and positively.


Emmanuel Picard

Client Services Manager

First and foremost, EPS is a second family for me. I am from 10,000km away but I feel so close at the same time. I enjoy the cultural mix and varied background of each and every one of us, driven by the same goal, improving ourselves so we can serve our clients and candidates better. Environment is fun – we often have activities - and work can be very rewarding - I like to think that we change lives for the better. I have joined EPS over a couple of years ago and it is needless to say that I have grown professionally. Management gives me the opportunity and the freedom to come up with projects & strategies that boosts my willingness to give back twice as much as what has been given to me.

Cheryl Loo

Senior HR Specialist

Working in EPS is like being with a family where all your career needs are being cared for. We have a diverse team of helpful, friendly colleagues and supervisors to work with. In EPS, you can see yourself in a path towards your career growth and aspirations, while being rewarded with the effort you put into your work. This was what I experienced here from when I first joined as a fresh graduate to a HR practitioner now with the career development provided by EPS. Here, you will be driven to perform and achieve your utmost best.

Nicel Calangi


Just like General Patton once said, “Mission First, People Always”, EPS is a company that emphasizes the importance of achieving goals, at the same time taking care of the people along the way, regardless of job designations & nationalities. My work here allows me to gain experience in a lot of areas from business development to delivery and it has greatly contributed to my growth in the company and to be a better recruiter. I enjoy my daily tasks in helping candidates to fulfil their dream job and hope to further advance in my career with more responsibilities that the company decides to empower me with.

Grace Ng

Senior Manager

EPS is indeed a great place to work. I started off as a Senior Consultant in 2009 and was promoted several times to be a Senior Manager currently. I have been empowered to drive success for the Penang branch independently, where I had the chance to practise some entrepreneurship skills even when I am an employee. I am also being entrusted to execute some expansion start-up projects which keeps me motivated. Though my role seems demanding, I am able to balance between work and family. EPS has developed me professionally over the years and I feel blessed to part of the always-advancing company.

Akifumi Hashimoto

Business Development Manager